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In your visit to the Amazon region, a thing that has to be in your itinerary is a visit to a jungle hotel.

The Amazon Ecotourism has Lodges situated in the middle of the Amazon forest and will offer you a great adventure with wonderful service and cozy accommodations...

First of all it is important to remember that sport fishing (catches and sets free), it is a legal, ecologically correct activity and it provides moments of unique pleasure to his apprentices, who are worried more and more with the maintenance of the environment and of the preservation of the sorts of the fishes...

Amazon EcoTourism 2010
Rua Gurupi, N. 25 - Bairro da Paz - Redenção
CEP: 69047-010 - Manaus - Amazonas - Brasil

Licence of Turism Enterprise # 03.042380.10.0001-2 Cadastur Turismo
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Phone: (+55 92) 9116-6544 / 9126-0569
E-mail: contato@amazonecotourism.com or Click here!